Miz Daisy Cutter (ms_daisy_cutter) wrote in worst_of_cl,
Miz Daisy Cutter

Er, I don't think I'd buy this mattress.

Judging from the email address, I wonder whether the person selling this mattress is an ESL speaker. Because I hope to hell that first word was a mistake.

Pic courtesy of detonate_for_me.

x-posted to grammar_whores.
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Judging by the email address? the person is probably from Italy. But they could be from Kazhakstan?
But they could be from Kazhakstan?


I assumed it was a native Chinese speaker because of the "xu". As for "iit.edu," I figured the last two letters to stand for "Institute of Technology." Given that this is Chicago, maybe the first "i" stands for Illinois.
that's hysterical.

Deleted comment

I gotta wonder if I was the only one who was looking for a hole somewhere in that bedding.

Oh, and even though I've seen that icon a zillion times, it still makes me lol.