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The Very Worst of CraigsList
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Craigslist, like Livejournal, has lots of fucked up shit on it. Creepy stalker dudes. "Roommate" ads offering reduced rent for blowjobs. Bizzare community postings. Belly button lint for sale.

That's why this community exists: to point out some of the more absurd and generally screwed up ads and mock them.

Posting format:

Please post the URL for the article in question *and* the text behind an LJ-cut - since the ads tend to get yanked by either the original poster or Craigslist itself.

This is *NOT* a place to urge people to prank call/spam the freakjobs. I will kill any post that attempts to start shit with the brain dead. Mock away, but they don't need to know how fucked up we think they are. Believe me, other people are flaming them via email if they're too wacked.

This community and this description are a work in progress, and will be modified at my whim. I'm a tyrant - deal with it.